Cordova Coolers Review For Product Line Up

Cordova was founded in 2015 and the foundation of Cordova was the “bet”. Captain Scott Campbell Jr. wanted to build an ice chest that would keep their beverages cold throughout the day. This determination to find the best ice chest gave birth to the Cordova coolers. What’s more interesting to know is that You can find accessories, gears and much more, apart from coolers. Cordova has brought new innovations and designs every time with its new models.

Cordova Hard-Sided Coolers

Cordova deals in hard-sided coolers. These hard-sided coolers are much stronger and durable that you can expect. These coolers can suffer normal wear and tear or collapse when you are out on your camping trip. Under the category of Hard-Sided Coolers, you can find a wide variety of coolers that will end your search. Along with this, there is another series in which Cordova deals and that series is known as Hydro Jug Series. These hydro jugs are far more superior than the contemporary jugs and boast of high insulation ability.

Cordova Soft-Sided Coolers

You can also find soft-sided coolers manufactured by Cordova. While the hard-sided coolers offer a great choice, there is a limited choice when it comes to choosing Soft-Sided Coolers. You can either choose from Cordova soft sided Backpack or Cordova Soft-sided Cooler. These coolers considerably differ from each other when it comes to storage capacity.

Features of Cordova Coolers

Now, we are well familiar with the impressive product line up of Cordova. It’s time to proceed on to find out what’s more there in Cordova coolers that make it stand out of the crowd.

  • Strong Built Quality Cordova Coolers are build using the rotomolded constructions that make sure your ice chests will always stay next with you. The rotomolded constructions ensure the durability and longevity of the cooler.
  • Bottle Openers Cordova coolers come with the built-in bottle openers. Not only one, but on all the sides of the coolers, you will find the bottle openers. This eliminates the need to carry any additional bottle opener. Whenever you want a sip of your cold beer, just grab the bottle opener and you are all set to go.
  • Rubber GasketThese coolers feature the rubber gasket which ensures the high insulation ability of the cooler. What this rubber gasket do is to capture the cold air inside the cooler and does not let it escape into the normal surrounding. Thus, these coolers have great ice retention.
  • Life-Time Warranty Lifetime warranty is definitely the impressive feature of these coolers. The Cordova has got your back in case if any defect arises or your cooler breaks down. Offering the lifetime warranty means that the Cordova is justifying for the prices paid by the customers and that’s the really nice thing to say.
  • Bear Resistant When the land is home to wild animals and creatures, you have to be very cautious. You don’t want your expensive cooler to be broken down by any wild creature. You no longer need to worry as the Cordova coolers are bear resistant. These coolers can easily withstand the attack of the bear.

Cordova coolers are a great choice who are looking for the coolers at a reasonable price. No matter what size you need, from personal coolers to larger coolers, Cordova has got you covered. By offering premium features at a fair-price, Cordova is doing justice to its potential buyers.

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