4 Ways To Stop Items Getting Wet In A Cooler

Recently I used to be inhabitancy with my children so a lot of our food got soggy. thus I went and discovered once and for all the ways in which to prevent things from obtaining wet and soggy during a cooler.

The easiest and best ways in which to stay things dry in your cooler is to use a dry rack that elevates your food on top of the ice. Otherwise waterproof luggage or plastic containers will be another good way to stay things far from the water. debilitating the water as your ice melts or victimization bottles of frozen water rather than exposed ice may also facilitate to prevent your things from obtaining wet.

1. Cooler Tray

A cooler receptacle is out and away the simplest thanks to keeping food dry within a cooler. The receptacle usually sits at the highest of the cooler and stops your things from coming back in grips with the ice.

Cooler trays will be created out of plastic or they’re typically created out of a metal wire frame. I in person have a abominable snowman forty five and it came with a black metal cooler receptacle.

Cooler trays area unit nice however they will be very frustrating once your cooler is sort of full. Ice typically gets within the approach beneath the cooler raising up the receptacle and that means that you just can’t shut the lid properly. It additionally makes it onerous to use the section directly underneath the receptacle as a result of ice can naturally fill that house and as shortly as you add any drinks or alternative frozen manufacture the receptacle not fits.

So whereas trays aren’t excellent they’re positively the simplest resolution and plenty of coolers, particularly the dearer ones, go along with a free receptacle anyway.

2. Waterproof Bags

Waterproof luggage will be an excellent approach of keeping things from obtaining wet and soggy within your cooler. I will be able to typically place cheese and vegetables within deep freezer luggage to stay them from obtaining wet and soggy within the cooler full point

The problem that I found with victimization waterproof luggage is that the outside of the bag gets very wet. this implies after you open the bag to induce the item out a bit little bit of water typically gets in. This isn’t a tangle for single use vegetables you would possibly be prepared for dinner however once it involves one thing sort of a block of cheese even simply obtaining a bit little bit of water in there will ruin the whole block.

3. Plastic Tupperware Containers

Plastic Tupperware containers area unit a accelerate from waterproof luggage. it’s a lot of easier to stay the water out and that they will sit directly on prime of the ice that means the lid doesn’t very get wet.

The problem with plastic Tupperware containers is that they aren’t an awfully economical use of the house. Waterproof luggage can mold to the scale of your food however plastic containers area unit invariably identical size. thus albeit you simply have a bit little bit of food left the containers will take up heaps of area creating it onerous to suit everything into your cooler.

4. Place Dry Food On prime Of The Ice

If you don’t mind your food obtaining a bit wet then simply resting it on prime of the ice can keep it far from most of the water.

For me, I drink almond milk that comes during a wax cardboard instrumentality. this may get a bit wet however if it’s sitting in water for a variety of days then the whole instrumentality get soggy. thus by resting it on prime of the ice it still keeps a chilly and affirmative it gets a bit wet however it doesn’t get soggy.

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