About Us

I am 22 years old, a college student pursuing graduation in Bachelor of Science. I and my friends often plan for trips and party in a gap of 3 to 4 weeks. In the events, we carry food materials and drinks with us because most of the time we visit new places and none of us have the idea if we’ll get food there or not. With the experiences of several trips and outings, I happen to know about the most important thing to carry along and the thing is cooler. Yes, the cooler is one of the most important gears which you should carry to preserve the food and beverages.

To help out all the other campers and party animals, I have made a website on the Coolers https://bestcoolersreview.home.blog/ and believe me this will help you to choose the best cooler for you. You can visit the website and can check the different types of coolers available in the market. There are various brands which manufacture coolers of different types, different sizes etc. Soon the website you will get detailed information about the coolers. I have mentioned the details after using the product and it is totally based on my experience. So I can assure you that the details are 100% genuine and will benefit you while buying a cooler.

Currently, I am using a cooler of Yeti. The model name is Tundra 35 and it comes under the category of Hard Coolers. Most of the time, the number of heads in my group is 4 to 5 and believe me its ice retention capacity and the ability to preserve the food and beverages is just amazing. I will recommend you to purchase this cooler if the number of campers is same in your group and you all are planning for a 3 to 4 days trip. The specifications of the Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler are as follows –

  • The weight of the cooler is 20 LBS.
  • The dimension of the cooler from outside is 16” x 15” x 21” and 9” x 10”x 13” from inside. It is spacious enough to store 21 beer cans and 26 pounds of ice only.
  • Its fat wall design maintains the insulation and prevents the outer air from entering inside.
  • The rotomolded design makes it armored to the core.
  • It is incorporated with military-grade polyester rope for extra durability.